1950 Woody Herman

Comment Al Porcino:
Now, this is at the Capitol Theatre. It’s on Broadway around 51st Street, and this is with Woody Herman. This is also in the early 50’s, when I was freelancing around New York, for about three years, the early 50’s. It’s me on the left, then Conte Candoli, then Don Ferrara and then Rolf Ericsson. And the trombones, left to right: Eddie Bert, Bill Harris and Jerry Dorn. Amazing that I can remember all these names.
And the vibraphone?
Believe it or not, Milt Jackson. Woody had Milt Jackson on the band for a short while, the famous black vibraphone player that wound up with that famous Quartet (Modern Jazz Quartet).

1948 Gene Krupa 2

Comment Al Porcino:
Now here we are with Gene Krupa on the road in 1948. I’m somewhere in there on the trumpet section, back behind Gene Krupa. In the front, you do recognize two beautiful guys, behind his head. On the left is the tenor man Buddy Wise, really played nice, and my long time buddy Charlie Kennedy on alto. That was on tour in 1948 with Gene Krupa.