1950 Stan Kenton

Comment Al Porcino:
Stan Kenton in Philadelphia at Click Club and that’s in 1950.
Now we go to Philadelphia with Stan Kenton. This is in the fall of 1950, and this is a beautiful club in Philadelphia called the Click Club. I like those jackets we’re wearing. There is name for that, Irish or Scottish. Scottish clad. They called it a clad. Now that was in Philadelphia. The singer there, sitting down had this big baritone voice, Jay Johnson his name was. Boy, did he have a big baritone voice.
And he was singing and sitting?
Well, when he didn’t sing he sat. That’s how they did it in the old days. Not like now, where the singer just comes on to do their few numbers. That’s how they did it in the old days. The singers sat on the stand till it was their time. Philadelphia, the Click Club, fall of 1950. Oh, the other interesting thing about that bandstand, it revolved around, it revolved around, you know, half way around and then you saw a small group.